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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Blunt Bean Counter noted in The Globe and Mail

Thanks to Preet Banerjee for referencing me today in his Globe and Mail column. His column today is titled "Share your family fortune now to reap the rewards". Preet is a well-known financial expert, who writes a column for the Globe and Mail, is the money expert on the W Network and is the blogger behind the blog I am not sure if he still has another real job :)

I would also like to give Preet props for participating in my Bloggers for Charity initiative, in which he raised $5,000 for charity. He is obviously an altruistic financial guy; yes, I know that term is usually an oxymoron.

This is the fifth time that I know of, that one of my blogs has been at least in part an inspiration for a newspaper column. Preet's column today quoted from my blog "A Family Vacation- A Memory worth not Dying for". Personally, it is self-satisfying when my blogs provide an inspirational thought or idea for others, given the time and effort required to create many of the blog posts.

I am particularly pleased that only one of the inspired newspaper columns has been an income tax based article. I look at my income tax blogs as loss leaders. I write income tax blogs since they show a professional competence (or incompetence) and they fill an information void since I think there is only one other mainstream blogger (Canadian Tax Resource) doing such that I am aware of. 

However, what I really enjoy writing are my blog posts on how money and finances impact families, relationships and the psyches of individuals. After 25 years of practice as a CA, I have seen most of what is to be seen in that regard, so I write from a perspective of experience.

Since I have severe restrictions on site advertising as a Chartered Accountant, I am not blogging for financial gain (although I do get the occasional client from my blog), but mostly because I enjoy doing so and as such, I appreciate it when columnists such as Preet, Roma Luciw, Rob Carrick and other financial bloggers, most notably Boomer & Echo, Canadian Capitalist, Big Cajunman, Michael James, Jim YihMy Own Advisor and Money Sense Online appreciate my blog posts whether as an inspiration for a column or as a recommended read. Thanks!

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