My name is Mark Goodfield. Welcome to The Blunt Bean Counter ™, a blog that shares my thoughts on income taxes, finance and the psychology of money. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant and a partner with a National Accounting Firm in Toronto. This blog is meant for everyone, but in particular for high net worth individuals and owners of private corporations. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are written solely in my personal capacity and cannot be attributed to the accounting firm with which I am affiliated. My posts are blunt, opinionated and even have a twist of humor/sarcasm. You've been warned.

What You Do Not Want To Know About Me

During a misguided summer in the late 1970’s I worked for my father, an accountant, to make money for a trip to Europe. To my father’s consternation (he was asked to try out for the Cleveland Indians but became an accountant instead due to family circumstances) I continued along the path of becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant. Along the way I moved from accounting to income tax, from a Big 4 firm (PWC) to a boutique firm, to a two person partnership, to Cunningham LLP, a mid-sized accounting firm in Toronto, and back now to a national accounting firm.

As someone who has been an accounting partner, tax partner, managing partner and partner in charge of Wealth Management, I speak from several perspectives within the accounting profession.

I love sports and played baseball, hockey and basketball, but with age and body erosion, I turned into a golfer. I enjoy good food, music and travel. I have been a Big Brother, acted on the Investment Committee for the Reena Foundation and have been involved in the Make A Wish Foundation on a committee level and as a wish grantor with my wife. We intend to grant more wishes over the next couple years,

Finally, I for some unknown reason have always enjoyed writing and thus, this blog.