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Monday, December 14, 2015

Getting Your Financial Affairs in Order

I was recently interviewed about my book Let's Get Blunt About Your Financial Affairs, by Promod Sharma, a Toronto based actuary, for his Tea at Taxevity series. The interview ended up being as much about my opinions on the importance of getting your financial affairs in order as about the specifics of my book. If I do say so myself, I think the interview is interesting and informative (especially considering you have an accountant being interviewed by an actuary; who would have imagined :).

I thought today, instead of writing, I would link to this interview, so you can actually hear my views on the topic. By the way, and you can believe it or not, that empty space from the bottom of my forehead to the top of my head once was full of flowing locks - big sigh.

Enough about being “follicly-challenged". Here is the interview, I hope that it spurs you to take action and you get your financial affairs in order.

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