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Monday, February 8, 2016

Thanks for Reading

Last week I passed two million page views on my blog! Considering my topic area and the fact I write at most once a week, I am very proud of this accomplishment. I would like to thank you; my readers for helping me achieve this milestone.

Over the next couple months, I am going to try an experiment. Starting tomorrow, and then every second week, I am going to write blog posts under the heading "What Small Business Owners Need to Know". In these posts I will discuss topics such as inter-corporate dividends, corporate-owned life insurance, shareholder agreements and succession planning ("One Day You Will Sell the Business").

While these topics will be of greater interest to owners of small businesses, some of them, such as the post on life insurance will have a personal component; so you may want to at least scan through these, even if you are not a small business owner.

In the weeks I am not posting about small business issues, I have a couple blogs that deal with personal and estate issues for which I have high expectations. I will keep you in suspense on these, since there have been a few times when I or a guest poster have written a blog post I consider "excellent" and they turn out to be duds. While others times, I have written about what in my opinion are rather pedestrian topics and they turn out to be very popular blogs. So we will see if you share my opinion once these blogs are posted.

Until tomorrow... when I discuss how Intercorporate Dividends – Are Not Necessarily Tax-Free Anymore.