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Monday, May 4, 2015

Topics of Interest

I am burnt out from personal income tax season and trying to get out my various December corporate year-ends. So I am taking a break from writing this week.

During the year I jot down topics to write about and draft blogs. It’s a process; from just an idea, to a draft, to a complete blog that just needs revisions. My ideas for this year take me until the summer when I hit the golf course. At that point I’ll be re-posting the “Best of The Blunt Bean Counter”.

However, I could use a few suggestions for future blog post topics for next fall. So if you have an idea or topic you would like me to discuss, leave a comment on this post, or feel free to send me an email to

See you next week, when I write about how your birth date affects your financial position.

Bloggers note: Sorry, by accident I closed the comments section for this post. However I have received many suggestions for future topics to my email.  Thank you. The comments section is now available.