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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Voting begins Friday July 15th, 'A Counting Exercise' is our Lenzr Photo Contest

You may have noticed the "A Counting Exercise" button / link on the right hand sidebar of this page? This is a photo contest my firm Cunningham LLP is sponsoring, hosted by a photo contest company. This gives you some idea of how creative we accountants are, a slogan of A Counting Exercise; hey if we had marketing skills, we would be in advertising.  

Notwithstanding the lack of imagination on our behalf, there has already been substantial creative input by numerous freelance photographers. Each submission presents viewers with a challenge to try and count something unique and interesting.  Some of them are very clever.  

If you are a photographer, you have two days to submit an entry, before voting begins. You can still enter after the voting begins, but your picture will have missed out on votes and you'll be less likely to win.

The images below are some of my favourites to date (I am not a judge nor do I have a photographers eye).

Fireworks of stares
This photo is pretty freaky with all the "eyes" staring back at you, yet you want to count all of them. This picture is by silversurfer71, whom I understand is a recent Lenzr winner. He's talented.

Rock Labyrinth
As my wife will tell you, I have no eye for photography (she will not let me take any picture of importance), yet here I was struck by the blue of the sky, and the clouds are beautiful. However, they may take your eye away from the count. Well done tammyschmidt.

Pink Sky
I like this picture since the pink just seems to go on forever and you feel like you could be counting forever. This picture is by Martin Savaria who's very prolific,and has one of the highest point scores on the website.

Southern Streets
I like this for the simplicity of the picture and how well it reflects the theme of counting something. the photo is by Irakari 2010.

Our Lenzr photo contest already has over 120 user-submitted images! Hey, maybe accountants aren't the only people who like to count things! 

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  1. Good round-up Mark, but your photo pics are not what I expected, esp the Mexican road at the end. Have you ever tried to drive on a road made like that? Its awful.
    My favourite picture is Mr_Slava's marching band which he calls Tam ta tadum ta tadam which is kind of a difficult name to remember.
    One this is certain - It will be very interesting to see what pictures make it to the Top Ten, and downright thrilling to learn who wins. We're definitely going to be making a video for this one.

  2. Thanks for the props Mark. Don't forget to count the 2 eyes on the peacock.:)