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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Podcast, Tax Tweets and Contest

I have a few things to briefly discuss today. Last week was a very productive week media and content wise. I was quoted extensively in this CBC article about the 6 top reasons people raid their RRSPs and interviewed for a podcast. I created some material for a tweeting initiative and finally wrapped up a 3 part blog, which I will be posting next week on owner-manager remuneration that took forever to complete.

Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian - Podcast

Last week I was interviewed by Preet Banerjee for his Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian podcast. I discuss income tax issues and "Income Tax Horror Stories". The link for the podcast is here. Preet also interviews Mike Holman of the Money Smarts blog about what to look for in a real estate agent. I start around the 22 minute and 30 second mark. The reviews from family and friends were very positive. They thought I was informative and even funny, which beats the reviews from my Rob Carrick videos , were they coldly told me I needed media training. I guess I should stick to radio or podcasts.

I would like to thank Preet for interviewing me. I had a lot of fun and for a TV show host; Preet is pretty down to earth. Although as I told him on Twitter, he is only the second best looking host of his TV show, The Million Dollar Neighbourhood :).

Tax Tweet of the Day

My firm’s marketing manager, Jamie, is very keen on social media. She constantly chides me for my half-hearted embrace of Twitter, as I am still not convinced that Twitter is an effective medium for accountants. Although, I must say I really enjoy that Twitter allows me to chirp the Big Cajun Man about the Ottawa Senators and mock others such as Preet.

If Jamie is one thing, she is certainly persistent and for the last month or so I have been a good little Blunt Bean Counter and tweeted as much as possible. I have thus decided to placate Jamie some more and came up with this brilliant idea of tweeting a tax tip of the day during tax season beginning next week.

For the first 10 days I will tweet organizational tips to get ready for filing your tax return. Then for the next 25 days or so, I will tweet tax filing and planning tips. Feel free to let me know if these tips are of any use or whether my brilliance is too constrained by the 140 character limit. Look for the hashtag #blunttaxtip.

Rob Carrick Book Giveaway Part-2

Perry K, the young adult book giveaway winner of Rob Carrick’s book “How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents” has not claimed his book. Anyone, young adult or adult, who made a comment on the original blog and still wants a copy of the book, can go back into a draw being undertaken this Friday, by sending their name and address to

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