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Monday, December 4, 2017

Let Me Tell You! Marriage Tips From a 30 Year Expert

As I noted in October, I am planning to write occasional blog posts under the title “Let Me Tell You” that delve into topics that may a bit more philosophical or life lessons as opposed to the usual tax and financial fare. Today I share some great marriage tips from a friend.

This summer my buddies and I hosted a dinner at my house to celebrate the engagement of our friend's daughter. We had a great time and some of us gave toasts to the future couple. One of my friends, Monty Warsh, a well-known leasing lawyer for Aird & Berlis, came equipped with multiple que cards for his toast (hey he is a lawyer after-all).

Monty who has been married 31 years to his lovely bride, presented a David Letterman like top ten tips to keep your marriage strong. I was not expecting much (sorry Mont) but was so impressed with his list that I asked for a copy to post on my blog.

Top Ten Tips for a Successful Marriage

Without further ado, here are Monty's top ten tips for a happy and enduring marriage:

10) Maintain Your Independence - Don’t give up who you were and some of the activities and pursuits you had before marriage. Continue to pursue those hobbies and friendships that make you happy.

9) Compromise - You are not always right and neither is your spouse. Find a middle ground that both of you can live with.

 8) Do Not Cross Enemy Lines - Do not make a practice of confronting the in-laws with issues, but rather go through your spouse to communicate the message. Blood relatives are more easily forgiven.

7) The Unexpected Celebration - Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines day is nice, but very commercial. Bring home flowers or gifts on non-holidays and for no special occasion.

6) Vacation - Put some money away for a holiday or there will always be somewhere else to deploy your money. It is important to get away and relax and re-energize.

5) Sense of Humor - Laughing releases the tension…..and we all like to be around happy positive people and laughing is contagious.

4) Don’t go to Bed Angry - Things can fester and blow out of proportion if you do.

3) Communication - No one is a mind reader….let your other half know what you are thinking. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability if it means being transparent.

2) Date Night - Preserve the passion and avoid the trap of slipping into regular and sometimes boring routines.

1) Yes Dear - Guys, sometimes you just have to do it.

There you have it, 30 years of wisdom and common sense. As someone who just celebrated his 30th anniversary, I think Monty has provided some great advice and marriage tips.

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