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Monday, March 19, 2018

CRA Information Requests – 2018 Update

In December 2016, I wrote a blog post titled CRA Information Requests - 2016 Update in which I discussed that corporate clients had been receiving information requests from the CRA to support their equipment (capital cost additions) and/or had received information requests to support professional fees that had been claimed.

On the personal side, I noted that taxpayers were receiving information requests to provide support for Interest deduction expense claims, foreign tax credit claims and matching income requests.

Today, I provide a quick update on what I am seeing.

Beware if You are Receiving or Paying Management Fees

Lately, I have seen the CRA issue information requests to support management fees paid. The requests appear to relate more specifically to intercompany management fees, but these requests can directly or indirectly lead to information about management fees paid to owner-managers.

As detailed in this guest post by Howard Kazdan last year on Management Fees, it is important to have proper support for the payment of these fees. This support is often lacking for both intercompany payments and payments to shareholders who consider themselves independent contractors.

It should be noted that management fees paid to owner-managers as independent contractors can be problematic in the first place, as detailed in this 2015 blog post.

The CRA information requests essentially ask for all the information Howard suggested you document or maintain in his blog post, including some of the following:

1. The name and Business or SIN# of the corporation or individual receiving the management or administration fees

2. If the fee was paid to a related party

3. Copy of the contract for services

4. Description of the services provided and log if available

5. Invoices for the services provided

I would suggest many corporations and shareholders have been lax in ensuring there is proper documentation and that the remuneration for the services is fair-market value. If you do not have your act in order, in respect of documenting the payment of management or administration services, I suggest you make this a high urgency task.

Individual Taxpayers

From an individual taxpayer perspective, we are still receiving information requests to provide support for interest deduction expense claims, foreign tax credit claims and income matching requests (technically a separate program). In addition, I have seen several requests to support alimony payments.

I have also seen information requests for individuals that are owner-managers of corporations and have claimed employment expense based on a T2200 form signed by their related company. If you want to read an excellent summary about deducting expenses as an employee, this tax bulletin by BDO Canada LLP titled “Deducting Expenses as an Employee”, is very exhaustive.

For those not aware, a T2200 form must be completed by employers for their employees to deduct employment expenses from their income. Many people receive these forms from their employers each tax season, so they can claim their auto expenses related to their job, however, other people use the form to claim a home office expense or various other employment expenses related to their job.

The CRA requests have been specifically for those individuals who are shareholders of the corporation issuing the T2200; we have not seen a general review of employment expenses for employees (although I do see these occasionally).

In reviewing corporate shareholders employment expenses (most notably auto and home office expenses) the CRA had been disallowing these expenses in many cases, based on a lower court case decision.

However, it is my understanding the CRA is considering reversing these re-assessments and will set forth new criteria for owner-managers in respect to claiming employment expenses going forward. If you have been re-assessed or are in the middle of objecting, speak to your accountant about this issue, there may be positive news forthcoming.

If you have claimed any of the expenses that are leading to the information requests I detail above, you may want to review your records to ensure you have your documentation readily available in case you receive an information request.

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