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Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Blunt Bean Counter- He Shoots, he …..????

As I noted a couple weeks ago in my blog, I was one of the Prize B winners of the Mr. Sub Shootout . The Prize B package entitled me to take to the ice at the Air Canada Centre and to take two penalty shots on either of Grant Fuhr, Sami Jo Small, Curtis Joseph or Billy Smith.

As this is the first year I have not played hockey since I was around six years old, I tuned up in my garage last week; not exactly simulated conditions shooting at your summer tires, although once I hit the Air Canada surface, my skating was surprisingly strong considering the layoff.

This week I received an email that I would be shooting at noon on Sunday. I was allowed two guests, so I brought along my daughter and my good buddy Dave who is a hockey fanatic. Upon arrival, you have an autograph session and pictures, then get a tour of the Raptors locker room.

I took to the ice in my Bobby Orr throwback jersey (the best hockey player ever) and took a few practice laps around the Air Canada Centre (unfortunately, I did not feel the presence of Leaf greats of the past; I think they have been hanging out at Maple Leaf Gardens for 44 years), but I digress.

I was told that I would be shooting on Billy Smith. I had already decided on my first attempt I would go with a wrist shot or basic deke and leave my fancy between my legs deke for the second shot.

I think Billy missed the memo to take it easy, as his competitive nature took over, as he stopped the first 8 or so shooters and poked checked many, including the little kids. His stick is so quick even after all these years.

On my first shot I started at centre, built up speed and decided to go for a deke, I went right, left and back right and out came Billy’s quick stick to poke away my first attempt. Okay, so my plan was working, I had Billy thinking I did not have many moves in my tool box, little did he know what was to come.

I said a little prayer hoping my brain and body would work as one this one last time and started in on net. About the faceoff circle I let the puck drop between my skates and I then kicked it with the inside of my right skate to the outside of my left skate. I was relieved to see I had actually accomplished my task, until I looked up and saw Billy charging out of the net at me. I somehow squirmed away to the right and put the puck in the open net. As I was skating by, Billy whispered that if I tried that in a real game, he would have knocked me flat when I kicked the puck up to my stick. He was pretty easygoing about everything, considering I still don't think he likes to be scored on.

Following the shoot out we each got two shifts in a shinny game and I had a break away on Sami Jo Small who stopped me. As the puck went up ice, I told her with a wink she was lucky my mind and hands did not quite work like they once did, she smiled and smirked (the smirk meaning I would have still not scored on her in my prime).

Anyways, lots of fun for all, name on the scoreboard and a memorable experience.

Pictures and video will follow in a week or so for those who want to see The Blunt Bean Counter in action.

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