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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Investment Websites of Note

Whether you are a stock picker or just want to follow the companies your advisor has recommended, information is always king. The following websites are some of my favourites for providing that all important information.

Canadian Insider - This site reflects insider activity in regard to the sale and purchase of shares and the issuance and exercise of options and warrants and it is very easy to navigate. It is always comforting to know insiders feel the stock price is a bargain and are buying stock in a company you have invested in. Alternatively, the selling of shares by insiders can be a red flag for stock ownership.

Sedi - This site is similar to the Canadian Insider in that you can obtain insider trading activity, but Sedi has far greater detail and provides issuer information. This site is not as user friendly as Canadian Insider, but if you require more detail or historical information, it is an alternative to Canadian Insider.

Sedar - If you are investing yourself, you must utilize this site. Sedar provides all public documents issued by publicly traded companies. You get financial statements, Management Discussion and Analysis, Management Information Circulars and press releases. In addition, you often get documents such as financing agreements that provide interesting tidbits if you are willing to do the reading.

Stockwatch - This site provides a 30 day trial subscription, but requires a paid subscription thereafter. Stockwatch provides information on short positions (always valuable to know if sophisticated investors consider the stock overvalued and are shorting) and option pricing amongst several other features.

Stockchase - This site tracks the opinions of the so called experts that appear on BNN. This site can be used as a final check before purchasing a stock to see what the experts have to say or as a check on the stocks you are holding.

Vantage Wire - This site provides free real time quotes, a unique feature, as most sites have delayed quotes.

The are multiple other sites available and several stock forums that discuss specific stocks, however, the first three sites should be ‘go to’ sites for any serious investor.

The blogs posted on The Blunt Bean Counter provide information of a general nature. These posts should not be considered specific advice; as each reader's personal financial situation is unique and fact specific. Please contact a professional advisor prior to implementing or acting upon any of the information contained in one of the blogs.


  1. Thanks for sharing these websites, especially the real time stock quote tool. I do have one tip to share on that myself.

    If you are looking at a Canadian company that is listed on the TSX and NYSE, the website gives you the NYSE quote by default. For example, if you search for "BMO" you get BMO's NYSE result. To get the Canadian quote, you have to type "BMO.CA" (this was strange to me since I'm used to seeing it reported as BMO-T).

  2. I also used some of these websites before. They provided a lot of information that I used for my business. They're great because they can help in a lot of ways.

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