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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My 7 Links Project

Jim Yih of the Retire Happy Blog, who has acted as an informal mentor to me, recently nominated me to take part in the My 7 Links Project started by Katie at Trip Base.

The purpose of this project is to assign seven of your blog posts to each of the seven categories below, and then nominate five other blogs to do the same. This project was actually an interesting little mental exercise. Anyways, without further fanfare, here are my seven links:

Most beautiful post

An income tax and money blog does not lend itself to beautiful posts. However, if I must, my blog about creating your Bucket List (this blog is at the bottom of my Sign that Will blog) wins my beauty contest for its discussion. Though not necessarily beautiful in its own right, a bucket list may lead to beautiful adventures and beautiful places.


Most popular post

Easily my most popular post is: CRA Audit - Will I Be Selected? The title says it all. This blog discusses the situations in which one may be selected for an audit both on a personal and a corporate level.

Most controversial post

The Kid in the Candy Store: Human Nature, RRSPs, Free Cash and the Holy Grail examines whether RRSPs are the holy grail to Canadians, an assertion disputed by well known financial writer Jamie Golombek of CIBC. What made this post cool to me, was that Mike Holman of Money Smarts picked up this theme and wrote an excellent blog titled Canadians Are Not Withdrawing From RRSPs At An Alarming Rate.

Most helpful post

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency and Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency Part- 2 were very practical blogs about dealing with the CRA under various circumstances.


Post who’s success surprised you

I thought my post Intergenerational Communication Gap was a bit too philosophical to be successful, but it garnered some attention. It, deals with the fact the older and younger generations do not communicate with one another about money.

A post that didn’t get the attention it deserved

My post on Probate Fee Planning-Income Tax, Estate and Legal issues to consider has picked up over the last little while as far as reads are concerned, but I don’t think people appreciate how difficult it was to merge the various issues of probate into one comprehensive blog. The blog covers income tax issues, joint ownership and right of survivorship issues, legal precedents, the question of legal versus beneficial ownership of property and the legal concept of evidence of intention. All these topics have been discussed before, but I could not find any blog that brought them all together in one place. In order to do this, I had two lawyers review the blog for accuracy.

Post that I am most proud of

This is easy. My post titled Resverlogix, A Cautionary Tale wins this category hands down. Although writing this blog was cathartic, it relayed a very interesting story detailing the ups and downs of investing in one specific stock and putting too many eggs in one basket and how I tried to protect myself in case those eggs cracked or in my case, splattered.

Blogs I nominate for 7 Links

As the 7 Links Project has now been around for a while and I have lost track of which bloggers have taken part, I nominate all the bloggers on my Blog List to participate if they have not yet done so (I know many have already done so). However, I do not seem to recall seeing a 7 Links done by the Canadian Capitalist, Michael James on Money and Money Smarts, nor did I find one when I did a quick search on their sites. Since I am sure they have been nominated numerous times, I either missed them or they have decided not take part. If it is the latter, I urge them to reconsider as they are 3 of Canada's best blogs and would have some great links.. 

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