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Monday, January 16, 2012

Bloggers for Charity- Wrap Up

The Bloggers for Charity initiative which was launched in November has concluded. All the winning bidders will have their "Blogger for a Day" blogs posted tomorrow. The unaudited donation tally is $12,575 including matching donations made by some of the bloggers. Special mention goes to Concentra Financial who made two very large donations.

Charitable initiatives often have an inherent flaw (i.e. One never knows if a donation is a brand new donation, or whether a donation would have been made to a charity anyways or finally, whether an initiative or fund raising campaign just resulted in a reallocation of charitable giving from one cause to another). Thus, I want to focus on the non-financial objective of Bloggers for Charity, that being raising the awareness for charitable giving.

In that vain, I want to thank all the bloggers listed below who put themselves “out there” and posted several times about the initiative and charitable giving and who have graciously offered up their blogs for a day. When the idea for this project arose in my tiny brain, what I really envisioned and hoped for, were blog postings across the country highlighting various charitable organizations. I am pleased to say that many of the blogs tomorrow will be posts about specific charitable organizations.

Where you read a blog posting written by a Blogger for a Day about a charitable organization, I ask that you consider donating your money or time to that cause or one closer to your heart.

My wife always tells me that I love kids and animals and they love me back, it's adults that I have trouble with. I have always loved being around and playing with kids. I have been a hockey and baseball coach, a Big Brother and a Make-A-Wish Grantor. I have also been on a few investment and other committees for charities, but that is not really my thing.

Anyways, where I am going with this is as follows: Tim Penner was the winning bidder at $250 on my blog and he will blog about the many great things the YMCA does tomorrow. I decided to match Tim's bid and donated $250 to the Make-A-Wish® Foundation of Canada, my favourite charity. On Wednesday, I will post a very special blog with the permission of Make A Wish, a Wish Child and her family and a Wish Grantor. This blog intertwines comments by Rachel (the Wish Child) and her Wish Grantor that will demonstrate the power of a wish and the satisfaction one gets in helping grant that wish. It is a really powerful blog and I hope you will take the time to read it.

Listed below are the bloggers who took part in this initiative; a veritable who's who of financial bloggers. I am sure you read many of these blogs, so please also read their Guest blogs tomorrow.

Boomer & Echo
Canadian Capitalist
Michael James On Money
Canadian Finance Blog
Retire Happy Blog
Financial Highway
Canadian Financial DIY
Where Does All My Money Go
Young and Thrifty
Canadian Personal Finance Blog

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  1. Glad to help out, too bad I didn't get any participation, but I feel part of the team helping out.


  2. Big Cajun Man, I appreciate your participation. I think your wit and literary skills cast such a shadow that people did not feel they could live up to your blogging ability. Thats my take :)

  3. Wow, that is amazing.

    $12K raised from 11 people?

    I only contributed to like 0.6% of that, but I still feel happy I helped out lol :)

  4. Y&T- The number was nice, but it was skewed from two large donations. I would have been happy with $100 per person if everyone had great blog postings like yours about personal experience and a great charitable cause. Luckily, we not only raised $12k, but we had several great charitable blog postings (not that I did not appreciate people making donations for non charitable blog postings) Thanks again for your participation.