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Monday, April 30, 2012

Duck Quackers and Binge Writing

With the latest A&E reality show about a family of duck call manufacturers in the bayou, it is not beyond comprehension that A&E’s next series will be a bloggers intervention series. Assuming the series is made and the first episode profiles me; I am sure during my intervention, I will scream out, “yes, I am a binge writer”. You see, I often write 4-5 blogs at a single writing and 8-10 over a few days, then write absolutely nothing for a couple weeks.

This year while off for the Christmas holidays, with the knowledge that tax season was fast approaching and that I also had some managing partner issues to deal with, I super-binged and wrote essentially all my blogs for January to April (save my confessions of a tax accountant and budget blog posts). 

I still have a few posts remaining, but my blog post inventory is fairly depleted. In addition, post tax season, my inventory of energy is also much depleted. Thus, whether you care or not, I felt compelled to inform you that I will be posting less frequently (typically only once a week with occasional weeks off) until the end of the summer, at which point I hope to be re-energized to write more often.

See you next week when I blog about 'A Family Vacation-A Memory Worth not Dying for".

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  1. I like how you are up front about yourself; it goes a long way to credibility!

    1. Thx Peter,

      I have always been that way and my wife often gives me heck for being that way. Part of the package that comes with being blunt and forthright.

  2. What else is the difference between binge writer and just a writer? Well I know it shouldn't confuse me. And yea I am not confuse. Just wanna have a broad knowledge about it.

  3. Binge drinking is my only issue, I can pump out content easily, the question whether it is quality is left to my readers, who hopefully call me when I write "crap".

    Writing is not Arithmetic, you can't just pick up a pencil and start doing it, you need something interesting to write about, luckily I have my wife and kids who give me an endless stream of topics to think about.