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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I am all A-Twitter

I have embraced social media and social networking through The Blunt Bean Counter blog and LinkedIn respectively. Twitter is another story. I found Twitter to contain a lot of drivel. However, I am now beginning to grasp the benefits of Twitter where it can be used as an information network to support and help me share my income tax, estate planning and business expertise. Thus, last week (with a little arm twisting), I started to tweet relevant income tax and other professionally related articles that may interest you, my readers.

If you want to follow me, my twitter handle is @Bluntbeancountr (yes, no E in Countr, Twitter restricts the letter count). I am also told my hashtag is #bluntbc, which is pretty cool. If you want to communicate with/about me on Twitter, I’ll be keeping an eye out for that hashtag.

If you decide to follow me, don’t worry; I will not be tweeting details of the sauce on my pasta, or how bad the Leafs are (hmmm, I may recount that one) but information relating to my business expertise.

The blogs posted on The Blunt Bean Counter provide information of a general nature. These posts should not be considered specific advice; as each reader's personal financial situation is unique and fact specific. Please contact a professional advisor prior to implementing or acting upon any of the information contained in one of the blogs.


  1. Hey Mark. You should make your @handle link to your profile like this, @Bluntbeancountr so people don't have to go open up Twitter, and do a search. I'm following you now. I'm @roberrific on Twitter, and I don't use it much either, except to tweet political rhetoric and remind Stephen Harper that schoolkids are still taught Canada is a democracy. You might find it handy to use Twitter to announce to the world every time you update your blog. You can set it up to do that automatically btw, and you will gain followers every time you write a really juicy post... I imagine.