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Monday, July 7, 2014

Gone Golfing With a Twist

Again this summer, I will be taking a sabbatical from posting on my blog. Unlike last summer, when the blog went dark (although some will say they could not tell the difference from when I was posting :), I will be posting a “Best of The Blunt Bean Counter” blog each week.
Yes, that is me, "slightly off the fairway" at Pebble Beach

What qualifies as a best of blog? It is a bit subjective, but I will pick amongst my personal favourites and the most popular posts based on the number of page reads and the number of comments.

I hope you have a great summer and see you in September.

Future Topics

Many of my blog topics originate from questions readers ask. If you have a suggestion for a future topic, please leave the suggestion in the comments section. The topic must be broad enough that someone other than you would be interested in the discussion.


  1. Hope this isn't a duplicate! Come to Kelowna - the golfing is great but bring a fan and cooling towel - it's crazy hot here.

    1. Hi Pursuit

      The boys golf trip last year was at Predator Ridge. Beautiful courses, although we did not love the course marshals .

  2. Have a great holiday. Suggestion for future column: my son works as help desk support in the IT world. He is constantly being "hired' on via a contract even though the jobs are full time. How do companies get away with this - from the definitions I have read if he works on their site, on their equipment (they even supply the cell phone) under their direction, he is an employee not a contractor. I'd be interested to know why CRA hasn't put a stop to this and what the consequences would be to him if they queried it.

    1. HI Anon

      Good question, I will consider for future blog

  3. Hi Paul

    Thx, already on my topic list for the fall as I have probably discussed this issue as much or more than anyone to date and it is a natural follow up.