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Monday, July 10, 2017

Gone Golfing for the Summer of 2017

This summer, I will again be posting a “Best of The Blunt Bean Counter” blog each week; so I can spend some time golfing and enjoying the good weather with my family. I am really looking forward to a golf trip to Cabot Cliffs in Nova Scotia later this summer, as it was ranked as the best new course in the world in 2015 and is now constantly ranked as one of the best courses period in the world. I am sure this trip will result in a blog post with pictures.
European Club Golf Course Ireland

As this is now the fourth year in a row that I have posted my "Best of" during the summer, as I stated  last year, maybe at this juncture, a more appropriate title should be; "The Sort of the Best of The Blunt Bean Counter".

Anyways, you can read them again if you wish and if not, I won't take it personally.

Next September, will mark the blogs 7th anniversary. As I noted in my blogger got the blues post last fall, it is getting difficult to keep this blog fresh and for me to keep writing each week or so. I thus will use the summer to consider a couple suggestions people have made to me to re-energize the blog and myself (including one from my son and daughter to do a sort of Blunt Bean "let me tell you" editorial type post), so we shall see where that goes. While I am navel gazing, enjoy your summer.

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